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Monday, January 15, 2018

Mrs. Roosevelt Visits Catskill, New York
Dedicates Children’s Camp on West Main Street, Catskill

On June 7th, 1941 Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt visited the village of Catskill. 
In her newspaper column titled “My Day” Mrs. Roosevelt wrote:

HYDE PARK, FridayIt rained all day yesterday in New York City, but I managed to do a number of errands and was able to leave for Hyde Park this morning at quarter of nine. I drove up very comfortably since there was comparatively little traffic coming out of the city. As I looked at the winding lane of traffic on the other side, I was rather glad that I was not going south or coming into the city to go to work.
The sun is shining again and everything looks beautiful. Two days of rain does give the countryside a grand washing, and everything in our little vegetable garden seems to have grown visibly.
We have only two hours here because, at 1:00 o'clock, we must leave for Catskill, N.Y., where I am to dedicate a camp which the public schools are inaugurating for the benefit of their pupils this summer. Then we shall drive straight to New York City, for I must be at the meeting of the Mother's Health Association of the Lower East Side at Cooper Union at 8:00 o'clock. Then I take a midnight plane for Chicago, on my way to St. Paul, Minn., and Miss Thompson goes back to Washington. This flying trip was an added reason why I was glad to see the sun come out this morning. 

At the time there was a nationwide movement at the time to provide camps for children. The dedication in Catskill was part of an all-day program which included a forum in the Catskill High school auditorium.
Mrs. Roosevelt was attending to endorse the establishment of school camps provided under a congressional bill. The camp was located on West Main Street.

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